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06:41pm 22/06/2003
  Goddamn bitch. Yeah, sure, I might've killed a few folks in her territory, but they should have had the sense to get the hell out of my way.

Anyway, sounds like the boy's been rescued. And the idiots who kidnapped him are still alive. Don't know why the hell he allowed that. But I don't know their scent, just Yuusuke's, so I can't track them. Fantastic. Apparently, their names are Karasu and Kuronue. Hokushin, if you're reading this, send the word out: anyone named Karasu or Kuronue shows up in my territory, they die. ...the boy's territory, that is. I'm ordering this on his behalf, since if he wasn't busy getting his reputation ruined, I'm sure he'd have ordered it himself.

Heh. That Mukuro has a pretty strong punch. Out of respect to the lady, I'll try not to kill anybody on my way outta here.
...excuse me?   
11:58pm 17/05/2003
  What the hell is going on with Yuusuke?  
12:46am 16/05/2003
  I'm still here, for the record.

Heard about the boy's activities over in the human world. Heh. I considered disowning him, but then I'd be stuck with the Lord job, so, no. Instead I just snickered for a while, he punched me, I punched him back, he hit the wall, it was good.

I'm 'patrolling' the kingdom now, by which I mean having fun wandering about and occasionally killing things. Overall? Things've been good lately.
10:01pm 25/01/2003
  What the hell is wrong with you people? Yuusuke, stop fucking around and get back here. I am sick of doing your job--you're the fucking Lord now, remember? Not me. Hokushin's been trying to rule for the past--how long's it been, a month? The idiot's panicking. Hurry up and kill this guy or I'll come and do it for you. Again.

I don't have anyone to beat up. Get the hell back here.
06:14pm 15/11/2002
  I got this journal thing to contact Yuusuke, not to be touchy-feely.

But you're supposed to talk about your emotions on this thing, right?


I starved myself for centuries because of a human woman. When it was finally over, some idiots screwed things up and I wound up back here. I have to do it all. over. again.

I'm not in pain yet. But I can already feel it starting.

My memory is perfectly clear. I do not need any human women around to remind me of her.

If the boy wants to get involved with humans, that's fine for him. But it has nothing to do with me.
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11:07pm 13/11/2002
  I'm taking a break from ruling. The boy's stuck with it now. Might see if I can find some of the old gang.

Why the hell do these strange human women talk to me on this internet thing? ...and what the hell do you mean, my journal's boring? It's a journal. Who cares if it's boring?
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03:53pm 10/11/2002
  This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever done.

Yuusuke. Hokushin says you like this internet thing. Couldn't find your 'e-mail address.' You better read this. Where the hell are you, and why the hell does my throne room look like Yomi's damned ugly kingdom? And I accidently threw a couple of your internet boxes into the wall. They aren't working any more. Get back here and fix it.
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